2018 APSARA conference

Robot Booth Design

My Contribution(2018 May- 2018 Sep.)

2D/3D Layout Design & Project Plan

UI/UX Design(Pad)

Stand construction supervisor(9/18-9/21)

stand reception personnel.(9/22-9/27)

On-site photo &video recording.(9/22-9/27)


屏幕快照 2020-04-29 上午1.18.57.png

The work in the public business scene is almost undertaken by people. People should do some meaningful & creative works. In 2018 APSARA, we provided solutions to the full-stack unmanned smart robot system, through which a variety of robots and robot arms can independently and efficiently complete all the work of B-end and C-end in the whole business process.


Service Robots can avoid human negligence caused by complex and repetitive work, improve work efficiency, reduce the enterprise's personnel cost; at the same time, it can also improve customer satisfaction.

The overall design needs to plan the motion track and interaction mode between the robot and the user in the performance scene, and carry out the functional partition and corresponding technical implementation mode.

In order to meet the operating conditions of various kinds of robots and related equipment in the scene (such as the influence of color and material in the scene on lidar, the influence of light in the scene on visual recognition technology, multi-machine operation positioning, and width, etc.)

We used blue and black colors to create a scientific and technological fashion texture, a lot of light strip box wall to create a level of the tech glow effect. we arranged the glass walls to keep the user safe, divided the working area of robots and experience areas of users. Making our best to keep the safety of the experiencer and the purpose of display.

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to Client/Brand

The 2018 APSARA Robot Exhibition booth design is very important in the whole Alibaba Group exhibition area. Through this demonstration of robot design experience, more than 400 enterprises have been attracted to inquire and cooperate. More than 300 well-known media at home and abroad reported Alibaba Robot (CCTV. BBC. CNN. Fortune Magazine, etc.), making Alibaba Robot rapidly become famous in the robotic field, involving more than tens of millions of people.


to Users

B-end users can understand the current technical strength of Alibaba robot, and seek opportunities to cooperate with its related businesses to save costs, improve efficiency and create an intelligent service experience for their users.

C-end users can experience the novel services provided by intelligent robots in advance and understand the development status of the robot industry.


to Me

For me, I can investigate the new/optimized needs of users in this exhibition, and get real-time data feedback from B / C users directly, which can accelerate the realization of robots in real service scenarios

My Design Process



Needs Analsis



Users Research






Design Solution


测试 (1).png





Needs Analysis

I Used 5-steps theory to focus the business needs and the design needs.


Users Research

The APSARA conference lasts for four days, and the crowd characteristics of the four days are different.

Day 1: News/media practitioners / local officials / CEOs of large technology companies

Day 2: Technology practitioners /news media practitioners / competitors / local officials / CEOs of large technology companies

Day 3: Technology practitioners / self media / news media practitioners / competitors

Day 4: Technology practitioners / self media / news media practitioners / competitors / general public

In the final scheme, our robot booth will show different interactive performance methods for different users.

CEOs of large technology companies

local officials

News/media practitioners

Technology practitioners



general public

self meia


After the analysis of business needs and the above researches, I  understood the solutions from competitors in the robot exhibition. 


Based on the input of these research results, I have designed the exhibition solution for the 2018 Apsara robot booth design.

Robot Delivery Process.png

Design Solutions

In this robot show, I was responsible for the booth design and the order drink app (on tablet)


Booth Design

2D Sketch > Concept > Real!!

Based on empathy design, we created storage(for a business client) and replenishment store to a user(for the consumer ) to show the full stack business process of how robots work. I also wanted to build a barrier-free interaction system for general robots to friendly interaction with people by voice, vision, high-precision navigation, and positioning, multi-robot, and multi-hardware collaboration and other frontier AI technologies.

This robot show created a channel for enterprises to meet their business needs, it can also help people understand how robots can liberate people's repetitive labor, and enable people to focus on interacting with people and creating more value.

One week before the opening of the 2018 APSARA, I supervised the workers at the exhibition stand to make sure the size and color of the exhibition stand meet the requirements of my 3D design.

In order to make the robot run more smoothly in the booth, some minor adjustments were made in the design temporarily.

屏幕快照 2020-03-20 上午11.31.48.png
屏幕快照 2020-03-20 上午11.32.03.png

Order Drink App Design (UI/UX)

屏幕快照 2020-04-28 下午11.00.32.png
屏幕快照 2020-04-28 下午11.02.15.png

Guests who come to our robot booth to experience the robot's delivery service can choose one of the provided four drinks on the tablet. When the guests have finished their choice, the tablet screen will display the current status of the goods selected and can see which task link the robot is currently in.

Test Phase


In the test phase, there is a difficult point.

Because of the technical difficulties, we need to temporarily change the original design and change the black low wall to white so that the robot performance can be carried out smoothly. Therefore, I was on the scene to coordinate the suppliers to temporarily adjust the materials and successfully complete the new design the day before the opening.

Award & Feedback


The robot show was a great success. We show the warehousing and supply process of robots in the actual business and the interaction with consumers in the scene so that users and practitioners in the robot field can understand our current capabilities, which has set a milestone for Alibaba in the field of robotics.

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