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Robot App Design For Restaurant

My Contribution(2019 March- 2019 Sep.)

UI/UX Design(Pad)

Motion Design



According to the internal delivery needs of the restaurant, develop the meal delivery app operated on tablet.

User Research


I actually interviewed the restaurant staff about the trivial and difficult points in his current work task, and sorted out the value that the robot can provide through the staff's answers to the questions.


Then combined with the restaurant's unique service and scene as well as brand tonality, the robot interaction mode and visual design are designed.


UserFlow / WireFrames / Motion Design


According to the meal delivery demand and task flow of the research robot, the user flow and wireframe are produced, and the dynamic demonstration film is made before the meeting with the development engineers so that the development engineers can understand faster and improve the cooperation efficiency

Interactive Prototype


I work with the test engineer to check whether the design draft is accurately restored in the tasks and scenarios.