My Contribution(2018 April -  Present)

User Research

Product Design

Submit Utility Patent Applications

User Flow Design

2D/3D Demo Animation

Design Material Setting :

  • Visual elements

  • Lighting

  • Sound effects design

  • Interaction modes design

  • gesture design



Round 2

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"S-Heart" is a smart interactive system of general service robots, it can schedule the software and hardware sensors of the robot, and use multi-modal interaction to create multi-dimensional and rich robot services for users in different scenarios.

There is no general design standard in the robot industry yet, which makes the information between users and robots unable to be conveyed, and the intention understanding between users and robots becomes an obstacle.


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We built a smart interaction module system for the general service robot, by combining software and hardware, through multi-sensor fusion, multiple AI capabilities, and functional technology innovation, providing general solutions for the service robot industry.

S-Heart is the infrastructure platform of the service robot field. Users can easily integrate software and hardware interaction by making some settings in S-Heart, and quickly build service robots suitable for their business scenarios. S-Heart can promote the explosive growth of the robot industry in the future.

Design Innovation

Through the research of information transmission and expression methods such as voice, light, color, language, etc., to understand people's information reception, we found the results:


Facial Expression output - complex interactive scene, interaction in close distance.


Voice output - interaction in medium and close distance, no clear indication, with mandatory and certain interference. Restricted by the use environment


Screen output - interaction in close distance, clear information, and directivity can be used for complex operation


Lighting output - interaction in  close/medium/far distance. Lighting can convey information in all directions, but unable to convey complex information.


 We combined various interaction methods according to different scene requirements to meet the needs of human-computer interaction in different scenes and build excellent service experience ecology.

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