VR Shop Design for Valentino

(3D reconstruction)

My Contribution(2019 Sep.- 2019 Nov.)

UI/UX Design

Client interview / User Research

Lead 2 outsourcing designers to complete this project

360 Camera Shooting Guideline Setting for the photographer



In order to meet the operation demand of Valentino's new flagship store in Sanlitun, Beijing, we hope to improve the user influence, spread brand awareness, and optimize the purchase experience of the new flagship store through Valentino's VR store.


This 3D reconstruction project coincides with the double 11 Shopping Festival in China. Therefore, Tmall luxury channel will jointly promote and publicize Valentino's VR store.

​After downloading the Taobao app with a mobile phone, go to the following website to watch Valentino's VR virtual store: http://www.taobao.com

This online Valentino VR store is a very important experience for me because the design requirements of this project are not only interdepartmental cooperation within the company but also the cooperation between Valentino's head office and its branches, which greatly increases the complexity of communication.